Unified Towns and Gores

Essex North Supervisory Union serves as the educational governing body for Essex County’s Unified Towns and Gores (UTG), specifically the towns of Averill, Averys Gore, Ferdinand, Lewis, Warners Grant, and Warren Gore.

The Unified Towns and Gores are a unique and special part of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, and as the people who live there will tell you, little has changed there over the past several decades. Except in the area of education. With the advent of the Internet and online learning capabilities, the educational opportunities for school aged children in the UTG have increased significantly over the past several years.

Currently, UTC students either attend local schools in communities adjacent to the UTG, or they receive educational instruction at home. The Essex North Supervisory Union is committed to providing UTC students and families with access to high quality programs, teachers, and instruction, leading to success in college, a career, the military, or the trades.

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